Worth the Risk Giving Consent Book 1

#ad - Years later, the bdsm club he’s built on a foundation of disillusioned dreams and broken bricks, behind the bar at Rapture, Landon finds himself face to face with his favorite memory and greatest regret—Gregory. Seeing his first love again is the only inspiration Gregory needs to commit himself to forging his way toward the future he always envisioned…one with Landon yielding and bending to his command.

Fighting familiar feelings of helplessness, he makes the decision to give Landon what he needs, even if that means not chasing after the man he adores…again. Gregory can only hope when Landon returns, he won’t throw away the love they’ve fought and risked everything for. Worth the risk is the first book in the Giving Consent Series.

Battling through the resentment from their youth, Landon is unexpectedly called back to New York, and Gregory can’t help but fear the past is repeating itself. At eighteen, landon miller was sure about two things--he was a submissive and he was going to be with Gregory Douglas for the rest of his life.

Worth the Risk Giving Consent Book 1 #ad - It is 78, steamy, 000 words of kinky, second-chance BDSM romance. Determined to recapture the magic of their first love, Gregory works to right the wrongs of their past so they can move on together. That was until parents and school got in the way, and he found himself in New York, thousands of miles from the man who had learned how to take him in hand.


Worth the Wait Giving Consent Book 2

#ad - After an unplanned hospitalization, Jack is forced to confront his fears about commitment and finds himself three-thousand miles from home with a shocked and stunned Callum finally in his arms. Jack martin has no intention of getting involved with anyone seriously, let alone with someone who lives so far away.

It’s been so long since he had someone worth taking care of though, and Callum triggers all of his Daddy inclinations. Faced with making another new start, they need to find the strength to rediscover what was lost and rebuild what’s been broken. Worth the wait is the second book in the Giving Consent Series.

Worth the Wait Giving Consent Book 2 #ad - Time may heal all wounds, but as long as they’re together, and the road to recovery is a hard one, Callum and Jack will learn that love is worth the wait. For other content warnings please look inside and review the preface. Jack is smitten from the start, eager and willing to give Callum everything he wants and more…except proximity.

. It can stand alone and is 66, 000 words of dirty Daddy kink that starts online and becomes very real. With callum’s overwhelming eagerness and Jack’s fears unwilling to abate, navigating togetherness proves to be more work than they bargained for. Finally figuring each other out, work, Callum and Jack settle into a comfortable routine juggling home, and each other until an unexpected encounter shatters their world.

Almost immediately, a handsome, he receives a message from DaddyJM, older man who lives across the country and offers Callum far more than he ever expected.


Worth the Fight Giving Consent Book 3

#ad - With justin and micah leading the way, Keith focuses his energy on being a good submissive and a deserving partner. Micah is quick to see the good Keith can bring to his marriage, but Justin is hesitant. Justin, micah, and keith need to find strength to fight through yet another test of their love to reach the happy ending they all deserve.

Worth the fight is the third book in the Giving Consent Series. His worst fears come true when Keith vanishes out of their lives, and his guard is up when he unexpectedly returns. Justin, micah, and keith come together once again in an explosion of desire that forces Micah to admit he wants more than his husband and requires Justin to recognize he has room in his heart for not one, but two partners.

It can stand alone and is 75, arcade games, 000 words of sort of second chance menage involving an already established relationship, ice cream, and a surprisingly nurturing dominant. With their support, keith battles against the demons of his youth, making strides towards a life none of them ever dreamed they could have.

Worth the Fight Giving Consent Book 3 #ad - But keith's past becomes all of their present in a shocking fight for dominance that leaves the foundation they've built together shattered. With six happy years behind them, Keith tumbles into their world and throws the expectations for their life and their future to the wind. Keith warren thought he'd made the right decisions.

Thinking toward the future, and his heart, Justin's only concern has always been keeping Micah, safe.


Finding Finley

Riley Hart #ad - I may be young, but I know what I want. I yearn to be submissive, both in and out of the bedroom. He's so beautiful, so naturally submissive, that I'm having a hard time sticking to my rules. The more he flourishes and the more he craves from me, the tougher I find it to deny him. Before i know it, he's under my skin.

I was only supposed to give him the tools he needed to find his own strength, yet somehow, in the finding of Finley, I found myself too. But my precious boy is only twenty; nineteen years my junior. Please take that into consideration before deciding if this book is for you. Aidan is meant to be my Sir. Aidan i've never had a full-time submissive.

Finding Finley #ad - I've certainly never had a houseboy, but when I meet Finley, I can't seem to turn him away. Instead, i decide to keep things simple, showing Finley that he can take pride on his knees but also stand on his own. There's nothing I crave more than being under the control of another man. Handing over power would fulfill a need I feel down to the marrow of my bones.

What i don't know is how to get it. This kind of relationship requires complete trust--something I don't give to anyone except my only friend.


Worth the Chance Giving Consent Book 4

#ad - Determined to know them better, Aaron focuses his attention on convincing Verity he’s worth their time. Aaron’s steadfastness and patience offer Verity the stability they’re looking for, giving them both a place to explore new facets to the dynamic lifestyle they’d lived in the past. When landon’s high-school sweetheart re-enters the picture, Verity finds themself alone for the first time since college.

Content with the status quo, and landon’s roommate and business partner, Aaron Hoffman finds his tight-knit circle of friends shaken up when Gregory introduces him to Landon, Verity. From the first time they speak, Aaron is fascinated by the elusive, rose-scented person behind the bar at Rapture. Venturing into the unknown is daunting, but to find love, Verity and Aaron will need to take the chance.

Worth the Chance Giving Consent Book 4 #ad - Worth the chance is book four in the Giving Consent Series. Verity jones has always been true to themself; even when it meant coming out as nonbinary at a young age and losing the love of their friends and parents. After a surprising holiday back home in Missouri, Verity realizes the person they’re meant to be isn’t who they thought they were.

Years later, consuming, Verity is ensnared in a complicated, but purely platonic relationship with their best friend Landon. It's 75, kinky, 000 words of angsty, a kitchen full of goats, the beefy man they're fascinated by, BDSM featuring one sassy nonbinary main character, and an unfortunately placed platter of breakfast meat.


Open Play Kink Chronicles Book 3

#ad - Mishait’s been three years since I met him, since he became my everything. One weekend of fun wasn’t supposed to change my whole world, but now, I have some decisions to make. My job and this city no longer hold my interest like they used to. Asking my best friend—a man i trust above all others—to help fulfill my boy’s fantasy, wasn’t a hard decision.

Until geoff, my love, my Sir, fulfilled one of my role-play fantasies. This is the continuation of misha, Geoff, and Lukas’s story in Open Encounters Kink Chronicles Book 2. *. He was the boy i needed, the man I wanted, and it’s been the just two of us ever since. Neither one of us expected that involving Lukas, Geoff’s ex-lover and best friend, would give us both something we didn’t know we needed.

Open Play Kink Chronicles Book 3 #ad - But when geoff called me with an intriguing offer, I couldn't refuse. How do i find my place in the hearts of two men who have loved each other for so long? Because one thing is clear: They both own mine completely. This is NOT a standalone. Geoffmy life changed the moment I saw him. The random boys i play with don’t fill that emptiness inside me anymore.

Sure, we play with others—but for one night only.


Making Rules Davey's Rules Book 6

#ad - Grab your fan and tissues because this series comes with both a high heat advisory and all the squishy feels you’d want from a Susan Hawke book. This is a short 20k volume, filled with emotion and backstory for the entire series. Davey’s rule #53: daddy shouldn’t be afraid to let his boy top. Before davey came to work at daddy’s lap and began that crazy list of rules, Sammy, his future bestie, was already living happily ever after with his own Daddy-dom.

This is their love story, as seen through a series of six short vignettes. Witness the moment they met, see the first time Davey came to the club, and so much more. This can be read as a standalone but will be most enjoyed by those who have read the series. This is the sixth book in a series about not-so-perfect Daddies, adorable “boys, ” and one sassy brat with an insane list of rules.

Making Rules Davey's Rules Book 6 #ad - Note: this is not a full-length book and does not contain a new couple. From the moment they met over a gas pump to the day they were legally able to wed, leather Daddy Raphael Robustelli adored his linebacker-sized boy.


Caulky Four Bears Construction Book 1

#ad - The last thing I want is another relationship or another broken heart. All i need are my bees and the occasional hookup to scratch the itch. Okay, maybe meeting up with my hot contractor weekly is a little more than occasional. And maybe the way i’m starting to feel about the guy I’ve been anonymously chatting with online should concern me.

But caulkyaf doesn’t want to meet, and cole doesn’t want anything serious, so what’s the worst that could happen?**** Caulky is book 1 in the Four Bears Construction Series and can be read as a stand-alone. Ren is in desperate need of a rebound fling. This is a funny, steamy MM story guaranteed to make you laugh and swoon.

Caulky Four Bears Construction Book 1 #ad - Lucky for him, the smoking hot contractor he hired has just the tool for the job. Absolutely NO cheating and NO love triangle. This series does not contain shifters, it's the OTHER kind of bears.


Temptation Breaking the Rules Book 2

#ad - His wealthy parents in their nomadic lifestyle ensured that Marcel and his twin brother would want for nothing. He just needs that someone to trust him. But being born legally blind also meant that Marcel was under pressure from both his parents and society to perform far above average to prove his worth.

Marcel resigned himself to his part-time job as a yoga instructor, and his inattentive boyfriend in their relationship which has a very clear expiration date. At nineteen, colton knows he’s young, and he knows his life isn’t easy, but he also knows what he wants. Will the two men find a way to come together, or will Marcel let his assumptions of what will be eclipse the joy and bliss of what could?Temptation is the second book in the Breaking the Rules series, an Irons and Works spin-off.

Temptation Breaking the Rules Book 2 #ad - Colton insists he knows what he’s getting into, but Marcel likes him far too much to subject him to all the ways Marcel’s life will hurt him—whether he wants it to or not. This book contains no cheating with an HEA. If only marcel would trust him to make those decisions. If only that future involved the ridiculously attractive, much older man who just breezed into Fairfield.

A husband, a simple job, a house with a picket fence, and maybe a dog. Marcel has never wanted anything more than average.


Half As Much Upstate Education Book 1

Paper Gold Publishing #ad - He works hard for one of the toughest teachers on campus and he likes to unwind the same way any other twenty-something does; with sex. Rider thinks this will be a simple hook-up, but he doesn’t count on the connection that forms between them. His round eyes, and pouty, innocent mouth hid a man who wanted sinfully delicious things.

When an event neither see coming rocks their world, Rider knows he needs to do something drastic to rectify the situation or risk losing Eli to the crushing weight of guilt. Rider dillinger likes who he is, and he knows what he wants. He sees this as his golden opportunity to tell Eli his secret desires, after all, what has he got to lose? Eli James was enamored with Rider from the moment he saw him.

Half As Much Upstate Education Book 1 #ad - When his friends with benefits arrangement ends badly, Rider finds himself at the school health clinic where he meets campus nurse, Eli James. The idea of sharing Rider appeals to Eli, but only on his terms. As they navigate a relationship based on emotional exclusivity and sexual variety, they end up falling deeper and deeper in love.


Serving Mr. Chamberlain: An MM Service-Oriented BDSM Romance Different Hearts Book 3

#ad - However, reading them all together will create a more complete and rich experience as past characters can and will make surprise appearances. He was handsome with a quick wit, and piercing, a dominant attitude, gray eyes that could cut you with a look. With one best friend heavily entrenched in the bdSM lifestyle and the other recently finding happiness in an alternative relationship, Nolan decides it’s his turn—which means leaving his painfully polite, vanilla, sexy secretary alone.

Serving Mr. Chamberlain: An MM Service-Oriented BDSM Romance Different Hearts Book 3 #ad - During his first night out with his friends at the local BDSM club, Nolan locks eyes with the impossible. It was just that Mr. Sometimes, Quentin is all he can think about. Nolan chamberlain finds his new secretary a little too tempting. Chamberlain was everything he’d ever wanted in a man. Quentin davis never expected to crush on his new boss, his new straight boss.

And not because he works there, but because he likes it. I understand this kind of content is not for everyone. It was so cliché it hurt. If this is not your cup of tea, feel free to skip this book.