The Tour

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - In the great tradition of irish storytelling, taking her place beside Maeve Binchy and Frank McCourt, Jean Grainger's books will sweep you away to Ireland. Every week, conor o'shea collects a new group of American visitors from Shannon Airport, from where they embark on a high end tour of the Real Ireland.

But this particular tour, with its cast of unintentionally hilarious characters, presents even seasoned tour guide Conor with situations that test even his vast experience. Among this eclectic group are corlene, a gold digging multiple divorcee on the prowl; Patrick, a goth uilleann piper; Dorothy a poisonous college professor who wouldn't spend Christmas and Elliot, a love starved Boston cop; Dylan, a wall street shark who finally shows his true colours.

The Tour - The locals they meet on their journey, passionate musicians, West Brits, Ukrainian waitresses and Garda high flyers all help to make this a tour no-one will ever forget. And of course, solving problems and mending hearts, there's Conor O'Shea in the thick of it all, but what about his own?The Tour is the first in the series.

Then there's ellen, back on irish soil for the first time in eighty years, to discover a truth no-one could ever have guessed at, least of all herself. And that's just a few of the colourful cast.

Safe at the Edge of the World: Sequel to The Tour The Tour Series

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Can distance and deliverance save the innocent in their desperate pursuit for peace, or will evil catch up to them all?In Safe at the Edge of the World, author Jean Grainger captures the soothing beauty of Ireland in the lives of those fleeing a criminal bent on revenge. In search of sanctuary on the shores of the Emerald Isle, hoping to blend in with the tourists.

In their wake lies a mafia family’s secrets and a scarred priest torn between his duty to the cloth and to the truth. Intriguing and uniquely consuming, Father Declan Sullivan’s tale of destiny and duty lies at the feet of those he has betrayed. But someone on this tour has a secret he's desperate to keep concealed.

Safe at the Edge of the World: Sequel to The Tour The Tour Series - Sequel to the #1 Bestseller, The Tour. When a shadowy couple turn up on conor o’shea’s grand tour of Ireland, the tranquility of Ireland’s landscape acts as a shelter against the stormy reality of the life they left behind. On the run from a notorious mob boss, this mysterious couple flees the U. S. What you get with a jean grainger book is warm, authentic writing that welcomes you into the heart of Ireland' Kate Kerrigan, New York Times bestselling author of the Ellis Island trilogy.

A tranquil irish vacation, music, scenery, food.

The Story of Grenville King

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - What's not to love?'. What you get with a jean grainger book is warm, authentic writing that welcomes you into the heart of Ireland' Kate Kerrigan, New York Times bestselling author of the Ellis Island trilogy. Handsome, charming conor O’Shea has had enough of driving and guiding tours of Ireland. So when an opportunity to renovate and run the magnificent but rundown Castle Dysert as a five-star resort presents itself, he grabs it with both hands.

But problems arise almost immediately when his business partner appears to have more on her agenda than just business. To add to that, his darling wife seems discontented as a stay at home mom, and his in-laws have moved in. With his family’s future now entangled in a stunningly beautiful old castle on the coast of Clare, Conor undertakes a mammoth project, and in so doing, he uncovers the troubled past of this ancient stronghold.

The Story of Grenville King - I loved them all but this is my favourite. A sexy irishman, a haunted castle and a plot that twists and turns unexpectedly. But do the ghosts of regret still haunt these ancient hallways? It is now left to Conor to explore the truth and uncover a heartbreaking lesson on the power of memory and the long threads that bind us together.

In the story of grenville King, Jean Grainger takes you once again to the real heart of Ireland. What reviewers are saying:'move over maeve Binchy, Jean Grainger's novels are a fresh new voice in Irish literature, but with all of Maeve's warmth and emotional intelligence. Grenville king is the third book in the Conor series.

The Homecoming of Bubbles O'Leary: The Tour Series - Book 4

Independently published - Is the past best left there, or is there redemption to be found in opening old wounds?Wise and witty, heart-warming and deeply satisfying, Jean Grainger takes us once more on an unforgettable trip to the Emerald Isle. The homecoming of bubbles O’Leary is the fourth book in The Tour Series. With her warm, emotionally intelligent stories that keep you awake long after the light should be out, Jean Grainger is a worthy successor to the late, great, Maeve Binchy.

Amazon reviewer. A luxury stay in an irish castle, experienced tour guide, a handsome, and a secret that has never been revealed. Life as manager of the magnificent resort of castle Dysert on Ireland’s wild Atlantic coast is never dull, and Conor O’Shea’s life to date has taught him to be prepared for the unexpected.

The Homecoming of Bubbles O'Leary: The Tour Series - Book 4 - Even he however, is not ready for the gang from Bubbles O’Leary’s bar in New York. A motley crew, from spinster sisters of a certain age, to exhausted social workers, they are all in Ireland for one reason. The fact that this bunch of unusual people arrive during Ireland’s biggest matchmaking festival just adds to the intrigue.

But is everyone who they say they are? are all their motives pure?Conor is ready to do his best to show the visitors his beloved Ireland, but his personal life takes a devastating turn and he finds himself torn, unsure how to proceed.

So Much Owed

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - His children determined to fight in World War 2. How far can you stretch the ties that bind a family?In the turbulent and uncertain times of Ireland in 1919, the birth of two children revitalise a small town. Dr. Richard buckley returns home to his wife and beloved hometown of Dunderrig, weary and heart-sick over the horror and pointlessness of The Great War.

Soon, trouble is coming from all sides—Richard’s unhappy wife leaves Dunderrig, and a Nazi occupied Europe marches steadily closer to home. In the blink of an eye, the peace he’d craved and enjoyed since his days on the battlefield are gone. Meantime, james and juliet come of age in a world on the brink of chaos, where the remnants of rebellion at home have snowballed into the horrors of yet another world war.

So Much Owed - Their father doesn’t see the twins choosing different paths—dangerous paths—that will test everything, including their love for their country, their family, and each other. Historically rich and moving, the tale of two children from the Irish countryside caught in the throes of wartime Europe is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and its willingness to endure.

Experience this critical time in history like never before in So Much Owed. One reviewer said ‘Move over Maeve Binchy, this book is unputdownable. Another wrote ‘i loved this book, yet accessibly written, meticulously researched, you’ll be enthralled for the first page to the last. Winner of best historical Fiction 2016  -Author's Circle Award.

Return to Robinswood: An Irish family saga. The Robinswood Story

Independently published - She has a rare gift. You know those books you read slowly towards the end, to make them last? Jean Grainger books are like that. '. Can robinswood provide a haven for those who need it, or are the scars of the past too deep?Return to Robinswood is the second book in The Robinswood Story. What reviewers are saying:'grainger manages to seamlessly weave a rich history, a beautiful landscape and characters you care deeply about into a rattling good story that will leave you hungry for more.

I love jean grainger novels, I feel like I'm actually there, in Ireland with people I care about so much. Or at least they hope it is. The legacy of the war cannot be erased, and the events of those fateful years will not be forgotten. Usa today bestselling author Jean Grainger has done it again. One irish house, two very different families, and a war that changed everything.

Return to Robinswood: An Irish family saga. The Robinswood Story - Robinswood Estate, County Waterford, Ireland. 1946. Years of neglect and abandonment have left the family seat of the Keneficks almost derelict, but the new Lord Kenefick and his charming young wife Kate, are determined to breathe life into the old house once more. The war is over and they have survived, so now they must set about making a bright future for themselves and their family.

But the shadows of the past are ever lurking, and there are many who are not willing to see the new Lady Kenefick as anything more than the housekeeper's daughter.

What Once Was True

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - The once grand house is home to two very different families. Despite delusions of grandeur, lord and Lady Kenefick and their adult children, live a life of decayed opulence as the money needed to keep such a large house and grounds ever dwindles. Everyone knows their place, but as war looms, both families find themselves drawn into the conflict and begin questioning everything that once was true.

Meanwhile, dermot, isabella and their three almost grown up girls, the Murphy family, live and work on the estate and do their best to keep everything running smoothly. Social structure is vital. Following in the footsteps of maeve Binchy and Frank McCourt, Jean Grainger will go down as one of the great Irish novelists.

What Once Was True - Roberta kagan bestselling author of All My Love, Dietrich. Robinswood, Co Waterford, 1939. From the leafy grounds of an irish stately home, to the bombed out streets of London in the Blitz, allow yourself to be swept away once more in Jean Grainger’s latest bestselling historical saga.

The Star and the Shamrock

Independently published - Losing her husband on the last day of the Great War, she cannot, and her child months later, will not, love again. Danger and intrigue lurk everywhere, and some people are not what they seem. From the streets of wartime berlin, and finally resting in the lush valleys of the Ards Penisula, The Star and The Shamrock from USA Today bestselling author Jean Grainger, to the bombed out city of Liverpool, is unputdownable.

Ariella bannon has no choice: she must put her precious children, Liesl and Erich, on that train or allow them to become prey for the Nazis. Berlin 1939. It hurts too much. But she is all Liesl and Erich Bannon have. Thrown together in the wild countryside of Northern Ireland, Elizabeth and the Bannon children discover that life in the country is anything but tranquil.

The Star and the Shamrock - When her husband doesn’t come home one day, but can she bear to let them go?A thousand miles away, Ariella realises that the only way she can ensure her Jewish children’s safety is to avail of the Kindertransport, Elizabeth Klein has closed herself off from the world.

Shadow of a Century

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - In the process of rebuilding her life, Scarlett faces the difficult and ultimate choice of starting all over again. At ninety-three years old, before a chance meeting with Scarlett draws her back to Ireland, Eileen Chiarello thought her time for adventure and wonder was over, the land her parents fought for and loved so passionately.

Now, at the end of her life, Eileen has the opportunity to fulfil a promise she never thought she could. Historically sweeping and beautifully written, Shadow of a Century draws a circle around the Irish Rebellion and carefully traces the magnitude of its significance against the backdrop of three women’s lives across history.

Described by reviewers as ‘so much more than an Irish love story, ’ and another said ‘Jean Grainger’s story telling is so enthralling I gave up sleep. Is there ever a sacrifice that is too great, when the stakes are so high? Suddenly, all that was once inevitable is no longer a certainty as she is embroiled in the very heart of the Easter Rising.

Shadow of a Century - Scarlett o’hara has had many hurdles to cross in her life, not least her name. Instead, however, she finds herself deeply affected by the social and political turmoil of a fledgling nation struggling for independence. A successful political correspondent, she finds herself at a crossroads when one error of judgement jeopardises everything she has worked so hard to overcome and achieve.

From the author of so much owed, authentic writing that welcomes you into the heart of Ireland' Kate Kerrigan, winner of Authors Choice Best Historical Fiction Award 2016 'What you get with a Jean Grainger book is warm, New York Times bestselling author of the Ellis Island trilogy.

Under Heaven's Shining Stars

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Three very different backgrounds. Following in the footsteps of maeve Binchy and Frank McCourt, Jean Grainger will go down as one of the great Irish novelists. Roberta kagan bestselling author of All My Love, Dietrich. Three Irish boys. Experience it all with liam, turmoil, and Hugo as they face the beauty, Patrick, and endless possibilities of life under the turbulent Irish sky.

. A bond that will be tested beyond all reason. For liam, patrick, and hugo, life in 1960’s Ireland proves to be both idyllic and flawed. Leading vastly different lives, an unexpected friendship blooms between the teenagers when they all attend a private Catholic boarding school, a bond that seems unbreakable.

Under Heaven's Shining Stars - But, in a world where the catholic church is a pervasive presence, secrets and lies? are they close enough to weather the gale, and life is both simple and complicated, or will their separate struggles tear them apart?In Under Heaven’s Shining Stars, can their friendship survive as they navigate love and loyalty, author Jean Grainger is reminiscent of the late Maeve Binchy as she brings to life the struggles and simplicity that often go hand-in-hand with growing up.

The Carmel Sheehan Series

Independently published - The reality of her true story is both shocking and heartwarming, and Carmel learns that in order to go forward, she must first make peace with her past. In this gripping boxed set, Carmel and Sharif begin a journey of discovery that takes her back to a time long before she was born. Dr sharif khan tells her that her mother spent her life looking for her daughter but the powers of church and state, for some reason, made it impossible.

Forty years later, she is living life in rural ireland in an unfulfilling marriage, and she has no reason to suspect that version of her past was untrue until she gets a Facebook message one day from a British doctor claiming to know her birth mother. Carmel sheehan was raised by the Irish state, and always believed what she was told, that her unmarried mother abandoned her as a newborn.